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Pulpit Rock

The trip from the Preikestolen parking to the Pulpit Rock is one of the nation's most gone hikes - over 270,000 people head out to the breathtaking mountain plateau every year. 

The hike out to Pulpit Rock is done in under two hours for those who are used to walking on rough terrain. For children and untrained hikers we estimate to spend between two to three hours one way without pause. The height difference is 330 meters and the distance 3.8 km. The virtually flat plateau of 25 x 25 meters sits 604 meters above sea level. The path is substantially upgraded before summer 2015.





Difficulty: Medium

Length: 7.6 kilometers round trip

Terrain: Trail and tracks (recomend hiking shoes)

Time: 4 hours return trip

Elevation: 330 meters

Reccommended equipment: Hiking shoes, warm clothes, extra socks, water, snacks

Drive from Hjelmeland towards Tau, when you cometo signs showing Jørpeland turn toward Jørpeland. From here follow signs to Pulpit Rock.

How to get there with a car

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